Hello Saturday!

Good morning!

I’ll get to the first post suggestion tomorrow (probably!) but for today I’m just experimenting with the Windows 8 wordpress app.

We were granted an unexpected lie in by the monkeyboy this morning. He’s not been 100% his week, he napped yesterday and on Thursday for an hour in the afternoon (that’s all I’d allow him!) after not napping for months. He didn’t come in to see us until 7:22 this morning, usually he’s wide awake soon after 6 and racing in to see us as soon as his clock says 6:30 (thank goodness for little ones who know their numbers!). It did feel nice to get a reasonable sleep last night, even if I didn’t get to sleep until fairly late (silly brain wouldn’t switch off).

It should be a nice quiet day today, the monkeyboy was due to go to a birthday party at lunchtime but with him not being quite right and consequently feeling the cold even more than he usually does I sent our apologies. The monkeyfather has some work he needs to do and the monkeygirl is engrossed in her birthday presents – they were very successful this year thank you e.b.a.y for a cheap second hand D.S and to lovely friends and relatives for lots f Lego! I have the joy of housework and entertaining a cold, cuddly little boy (well, one bit of that is a joy, I’ll leave you to decide which!).

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