Family Sunday

After a rather late night last night due to babysitting for some lovely friends and then talking to the monkeyfather about computer games we had a slow start this morning. The children were happy playing in their rooms so we took our time to get up, it did mean we didn’t make it to church though. It was one of those rare weeks when neither of us was on duty for anything so we could get away with it.

The afternoon was spent catching up with housework and half term homework. There’s nothing like leaving the latter of those until the last minute… In this case it was due to the Aspie side of the monkeygirl, one of her homework sheets seemed irrelevant and pointless to her so she really objected to doing it. It took the combined efforts of the monkeyfather and I to persuade her that she needed to complete it, in the end she enjoyed it. If we can find a silly side of something there’s more chance of her enjoying it, in this case she was asked to create a mnemonic for the order of the planets, since she knows the order of the planets she didn’t see why she should bother, we got around that by suggesting that her new mnemonic could help others remember the order, we could help make the phrase amusing as well (the concept of her mother jumping to Pluto was apparently highly amusing!).

It’s been nice to have family time today before we get back on the school run treadmill tomorrow, I’m not looking forward to driving 30 miles a day again. The children love their schools which makes it worthwhile though, they are both very happy there.

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