Running away

No, not me, but time.

My expectation that I’d have more time today was highly inaccurate. A meeting combined with a long overdue clean up of my email inbox  took care of this morning. Lunch, a quick play with the monkeyboy and it was time to go and collect the monkeygirl from school.  This was followed by a visit to the optician to get the monkeygirl’s glasses repaired (again!). When we got home it was a quick bath for the monkeygirl (she cut both her knees during outdoor P.E. and needed some grit soaking out) and then some quiet time with the children upstairs while the husband had to take a phone call. Children’s tea, supper,bed and then dinner for the monkeyfather and l, and suddenly its gone 9pm.

I need to get myself on some sort of schedule to stay on top of things better, I’ve been so busy this week that I’ve struggled to stay on top of the housework let alone myself imposed commitment to NaBloPoMo. l don’t want to stop that, writing (even random gibberish) has been helpful to how I’ve been feeling. My depression has definitely not appreciated me being overtired and busy this week. I’ve become more aware of how much I need rest, and more specifically a reasonable amount of sleep. As much as I hate eating separately to the monkeyfather in an evening I think l may need to do that more often. If he’s working in the office the monkeyfather is unlikely to be home much before 7:20, cooking a dinner from scratch after putting the children to bed at 7:30 leaves us eating after 8pm (on a good day). That results in us heading up to bed after 10 pm, by the time l actually go to sleep it’s often after 11. Our alarm goes off at 6 in the morning, l don’t function very well on less than 7 hours of sleep at the best of times. l don’t quite know what the best way is for me to get myself in a better routine to try to help me but I think it needs to be a priority.

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