Baby steps

I’m trying to take little steps to regain some control of my life.

Step one may not seem an obvious choice, but I’m getting my haircut this afternoon. This should give me more time in a morning as it currently takes ages to dry my hair. That extra time should allow me to have breakfast every morning, something that only happens two or three times during the school week at the moment, and definitely doesn’t help how l feel. It doesn’t help my eating either, without having breakfast I’m more likely to snack and crave junk food through the whole day.

My weight is still something that really bothers me. I’ve found myself planning how not to eat several times in the last two weeks. l haven’t done that and I’m fighting with myself to keep it that way. Step two is to try and plan meals more. I’m hoping this should help my eating and leave me less likely to resort to chips/junk from the freezer in an evening.

Hopefully these first simple steps will start to help me feel better.

One thought on “Baby steps

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