Step by step

Well, step one definitely helped this morning. l actually had time for breakfast even though the monkeygirl had to be at school half an hour early for a club.

Step two failed though… I’d planned to reheat some left over beef casserole for dinner tonight but l managed to burn it to the pan when heating it for the children. l had a cheap pizza in the fridge could feed to the children, I’m not sure what the monkeyfather and l are going to have. l have some pizzas for us in the freezer or possibly fish fingers and chips, it just depends what the monkeyfather bought for lunch in the canteen at work (he didn’t get up in time to make sandwiches this morning).

The plan for dinner tomorrow is a little uncertain, the monkeyfather is working at home- if he’s finished in time I’ll feed all four of us together at 6ish, if not then the children will probably have something like pasta salad and the monkeyfather and l will have pasta with a homemade tomato sauce once the children are in bed.

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