Busy but up

A very busy day today, it started early with the possibility of snowfall so we all got up promptly to make sure we could get to school ok. In the end we had no snow, but the children had time to play before school which is a rare treat (somehow we always end up in a rush in the mornings).

I was working this morning and then had to raid the supermarket (not fun when I had to drag the monkeyboy along with me!). By the time we finished that and had lunch at home it was time to go and collect the monkeygirl. We then made microwave mug cakes and played with the monkeyfather’s Lego before dinner, baths and bed for little monkeys.

I have felt a bit brighter again today, I think work (even only a couple of hours occasionally) helps me. It gives me a purpose. Doing the tasks I do as a school governor help as well. I get very easily tired, I’ve been shattered today. Whether that’s the depression or remains of a post viral illness I had 9 years ago, I don’t know but I could manage a bit.

One thought on “Busy but up

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