The wonderful (not!) cold that I’ve had all week resurrected itself today after almost going yesterday… I’m not impressed. I’ve sniffed my way through today…

Despite this, I have had a good, though tiring day. Church this morning was followed by a rush up to Cambridge to meet the lovely in-laws for lunch and a play in a playground for the children. It was fantastic to see them again and see how much our precious nephew has grown. The monkeyboy was a pain in the restaurant, unless he had food in front of him he was wandering/crawling under the table and generally being silly. Nothing I said seemed to make any difference whatsoever. Thankfully he was fantastic after a firm talking to when we left there and was a superstar at bedtime (maybe his sleep in the car on the way home helped that!). The monkeygirl, on the other hand, was great in Cambridge but whiney on the way home (traffic was stop start for a while, she doesn’t cope well with that) and downright obnoxious at bedtime. She did her bathroom things without trouble but refused to get into night clothes and lay on the landing shouting that she was too tired. I ended up having to change her myself, pick her up and put her into bed  and shut her door. She screamed and shouted for the next 10 minutes then calmed enough for me to go in a talk to her, she eventually admitted she’d not been good and it was her choice to be naughty and get some of her cuddlies confiscated, she’ll get them back on Wednesday. We count to 5 if we feel the need to threaten that, usually the children will be doing what we asked before we get to four, but not today. She just shouted. She was definitely a tired girl, I’m not sure whether anxieties about which teacher she’ll have tomorrow will have affected her today, she did tell me on Friday she didn’t want to go in unless her normal teacher was back. Hopefully she’ll feel better in the morning anfter a good night’s sleep.

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