Well, I’m not sure whether it’s the virus easing or the fact I’ve spent much of the day lying on the sofa bed with a fleece blanket but I’m feeling a little more alert. I still have a huge headache but I’m vaguely thinking straight now. It’s still not going to be a long post though as I’m very tired and hoping for a reasonably early night.

My appetite has been odd today, a strange mix of ravenous at odd times and not wanting any food or drink at others. I know my eating won’t be helping me, both now when I’m poorly, and with my depression. When I do want to eat it’s not healthy food I’m craving, though I did fancy a jacket potato for dinner (so I had that) and I had soup for lunch simply because I had an open carton in the fridge that needed finishing.

There are things I want to post about over the next few days, I’ve been working on organisation and thinking about depression more so I intend to write on both of those soon. Hopefuuly another reasonable night of sleep tonight and more rest tomorrow morning will give me the strength to do more.

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