365:7 A Natural Treasure

365-7 A Natural Treasure

I did misread today’s prompt as a natural wonder, however I think a flower like this is definitely a treasure in order to survive the sheer volume of rain we have had lately. Aside from a single daisy making a half-hearted attempt to open, this was the only flower I found along the road between where I park and our house. It was rather windy so most shots were blurry but I don’t think this one has come out too badly. I have no idea what sort of flower it is, monkeygranny – do you know? There was just this single head on a stem about 30cm tall, I didn’t notice what the leaves were like.

We’ve had a huge amount of rain here lately. The usual route I drive to school has been flooded since Christmas Eve, even a friend with a Land Rover didn’t dare try to drive though. Thankfully we have an alternative that isn’t much longer, but I have friends whose school run has changed from 1 1/2 miles to 4! There is less traffic trying to drive past school now (the road is a bt of a rat run to the motorway), though those that don’t know about the flood end up having to turn around and then drive past school twice, for some reason there are no signs anywhere saying the road is impassable.

I can’t really complain about the weather too much though, we’re in a much better situation than many in the south of England and in Wales, as well as many of those in the US and Canada. I do pray that God keeps people safe and gives them the common sense not to put themselves in danger.

One thought on “365:7 A Natural Treasure

  1. It looks like Yarrow, but it’s very unlikely that yarrow will be in flower, so it’s more likely to be an escaped cultivated plant, perhaps viburnum. To be honest, the monkeygranny doesn’t know!

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