Meet… (help requested!)

Mr and Mrs

I really enjoy taking macro photos of plants and the children’s toys but it’s not something I’ve really spent a lot of time learning how to do well. I thought I would put a couple of Lego characters into my handbag so I always have something with me should the opportunity arise for a ‘play’ 🙂

However I feel I need names for these two, I thought I would open that up to readers of the blog. The only stipulations are that the names are not rude, they’re not the named after any of my family or friends (I’m trying to keep this blog fairly anonymous). What do you suggest? If I get three or more suggestions I’ll add a poll to the blog and you, my lovely readers, can vote. I’ll put the deadline for suggestions as 9pm GMT on Friday.

10 thoughts on “Meet… (help requested!)

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    • That was slightly later than the deadline… but I’ve put it in anyway. I hope you don’t mind me changing the spelling to Daphne, that’s how I’d usually spell it, otherwise I’ll get confused.

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