What a week!

We didn’t quite have the week we’d planned this week.

We’d hoped for a lovely family Mothering Sunday followed by a nice last week of term an birthday for me. God had other plans…

B, M and I have all had a form of flu. M started on Monday, gave it to me as a birthday present on Tuesday and B started it on Wednesday. We all had a temperature of over 39 degrees as well as aches and a cough. It’s been nasty. M is still exhausted despite taking 2 days off work and doing half days on Tuesday and Friday. Rather than a weekend of getting the garden more organised by preparation for selling the house later in the year our weekend is going to consist of chilling on the sofa with dvds and doing the minimum amount of housework to keep things ticking over.

Amazingly R has avoided the virus. She hasn’t coped very well with the rest of us being out of sorts and not reacting to things in the same way we would normally.

B has fallen asleep on me snuggled on the sofa twice; lovely in a way, but a sure sign he’s not well.


The only good thing about this virus is the effect it had on my appetite for a few days… My clothes definitely fit better than they did at the start of the week! Sadly, it has had the same effect on M and has left his BMI down at 18.1! He doesn’t need any help keeping his BMI down!

Hopefully we’re all past the worst now, we want to be able to enjoy our Easter break and have some family fun.

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