10 things… Thoughts two weeks on

10 things

I’ve now completed two weeks of my new eating regime. Here are ten thoughts that have come to me in the last fortnight.

    1. 5.9lb down in 2 weeks is a great start! Phew!
    2. Wheat and me don’t mix! I gave up wheat for the month of October to see what difference it would make to my IBS, depression and joints. It did help a little but I decided to reintroduce it to confirm that it was the cause of the improvement… it was! There were consequences…. I’ll not say any more!
    3. The Simple Start part of the WW plan is a simple way to start, fairly similar to the Slimming World plan, though I did find it a struggle at times without wheat.
    4. As well as following the ProPoints plan (counting and racing every bit of food and drink) there is also a Filling and Healthy option which is very similar to the Simple Start plan, like the Simple Start plan I did find it a challenge at times to follow without wheat.
    5. Having the opportunity to earn extra ProPoints for exercise to put towards my food intake is a real incentive to move more, though I try not to use too many of them.
    6. One of the criticisms of the WW regime I have heard from friends when talking about my changes is that there is too much encouragement to use the WW branded foods. I haven’t particularly noticed this, however it is easier to plan meals and snacks when you can glance at the food packaging and know instantly how many ProPoints are in it. I haven’t found this urge too much, both because I have the WW app on my phone and can check the ProPoints in a moment and because I am wheat free, there are very few WW branded foods which are suitable for me to eat.
    7. I have the flexibility to eat what I want to, within reason! Nothing is banned as long as I track it.
    8. Counting the points for everything is helping me learn portion control, this has been a weakness of mine for a long time. It hasn’t been unusual for me to have as many rounds of sandwiches as hubby or as many chips/potatoes, not a great idea when he’s 7 inches taller and 3+ stone lighter!
    9. Food is definitely something of an issue for me. While changing my medication three weeks ago has helped my mood overall this is still an issue with how I relate to food. Something I have started to discuss with my counsellor is how to change this. Why do I dive for food when I’m happy and especially sad/low? How can I stop this? It’s something I need to get under control if I am to have any chance of maintaining a healthy weight in the long term.
    10. Two weeks in and some of my clothes are already starting to be a little too big… hooray! I’ve at least two dress sizes to go but I’ve got to start somwhere.

One thought on “10 things… Thoughts two weeks on

  1. Many congratulations, Hannah. So many positive comments here and so well done with the weight loss so far and the cutting out of wheat. 🙂 Be encouraged. Notice the thought patterns, accept they are happening and remember you are not your thoughts.
    Well done! 🙂

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