Photo365 – 1 Fresh Start


This is my fresh start for 2016. I need to lose weight for the sake of my health, back and joints. As of today I’m tracking my food with My Fitness Pal, weighing myself regularly and taking progress photos (they’re not likely to be posted on here!).

I’m going to take it slowly, I’m not aiming to lose more than a lb a week (though if I do, hooray!). With over 40 lbs to lose you my target (which isn’t even a ‘healthy’ bmi) I’m not expecting to get there before Christmas, but it would be lovely to be able to wear a new special outfit next Christmas (or if I do really well for my beautiful best friend’s wedding in October).

I have my garmin vivofit 2 on my wrist to try and motivate me to walk more, I’ve downloaded a map my walk app (when we move house it will be easier to get out and walk more, there are lovely grassland and wildlife areas close to the house).

This is the year for a healthy Hannah!

One thought on “Photo365 – 1 Fresh Start

  1. Hi, Hannah. Every best wish with your goal. Go for it! Well done for making the commitment and some lovely things to look forward to, too. Love and prayers x

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