Ten year blogiversary!

I’m not sure what prompted it, but last night I realised that it was ten years ago this month that I first started blogging! Having looked back through my old blog archives my first post was published ten years ago today!

I have gone through several iterations of blog since then. Initially I used the title Munchkinsmummy (with R known as the munchkin), then when B came along I had a blog called It’s a mum’s life. I’ve had several other blogs and domains over the years, but I think I’m settled now. No matter what life throws at me now there will always be coffee and chat (and usually cake!) wherever I am, and whatever is going on. I love meeting friends for a chat and through blogging I have made a couple of friends. I am still in touch with the lovely lady who first commented on my blog and have others whom I am friends with on Facebook and will swap comments with from time to time.

Blogging has given me space to vent, to explore me, to discover that some form of writing or journalling is good for me and helped me build up a little more confidence. It has introduced me to new hobbies, authors, bands and musicians. It has shown me that I’m not alone at times when I have felt very lonely.

I’m glad I have this blog, even though it’s not got a big audience (and never will have!), I love having my space to talk, record things and to sometimes ask for opinions or advice.

Thank you to those who comment and read, I do appreciate your input.

Now what can I get you to drink?

Lego me! 2

Ps. As a happy coincidence WordPress has just informed me that this is the hundredth post on this blog!

3 thoughts on “Ten year blogiversary!

  1. Happy Anniversary! Mine was this month, too. I started blogging after reading a friends’ and thinking, “I could write better than that!” lol…horrible, I know. But I agree with everything you said. 🙂

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