Bible in a year….twice?

There are some parts of the Bible that I have never read, and others I don’t know very well so I decided to challenge myself to complete a bible in a year plan in 2017.

I spotted a plan from on someone’s Instagram feed and thought it looked good so printed it last week and made plans to get started. I love the way it splits the books of the Bible into seven categories and allocates one for each day of the week; Sundays are the epistles, Mondays the law, Tuesdays history, Wednesdays the psalms, Thursdays poetry, Fridays prophecy and Saturdays the gospels. There are between one and seven chapters to read each day. I do like that some of the more dry books of the Bible become interspersed with other sections and you don’t have a week or so to force yourself through and try to keep the motivation going to complete the year. Conveniently, week one starts on a Sunday, perfect to begin in 2017.

Then, a friend on Facebook shared a plan from The Bible Project. I liked the way they’ve produced videos to help explain each book and different topics covered in the Bible and have scheduled them for appropriate places as you read through. While not quite a straight through read of the Bible it’s more closely linked to the order of the books of the Bible than the other plan. It also allocates a psalm, or part of a psalm to each day. There’s a great app called Read Scripture which even has the day’s bible reading written out for you to follow and links to the videos, for the unorganised amongst us it can also send you a notification at a time of day you set to remind you to read!

So I’ve ended up looking at two plans! At the moment I’m working on both, and enjoying reading two sections of the Bible each day; hopefully I’ll continue to find the time and keep it up all year, I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

In addition to these I found a 31 Day Scripture Writing Plan. I like the idea of concentrating on a couple of verses and writing those down so I’m trying to keep up with that as well. Hopefully the lady who has produced this will continue through the year, and I’ll keep up with this as well. I found a beautiful notebook in my stationery stash which was perfect for this.

It’s quite a lot of pressure to put on myself, but I know that the more time I spend in God’s word the better I feel, so I’m hoping that the positive of that outweighs the pressure, but we’ll see….


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