10 thoughts about school holidays…

10 thingsAs we hit the middle weekend of the Easter holidays I thought I’d note down 10 thoughts about school holidays… both positive and negative!

  1. 🙂 No school runs! A fabulous break from driving 5 mile each way three times a day to drop off or collect the children from their schools. (a break for the pocket as well as 30 miles a day uses a lot of petrol!)
  2. 🙂 No structure so we can do as we please each day – whether it’s snuggling up on the sofa with a dvd, playing with scooters in the garden, colouring in, reading or building mammoth train tracks
  3. 😦 No structure so we can do as we please each day – yes, I did intend to write exactly the same statement as number 2… Having a child with an ASD means that the lack of a structure or routine can be upsetting, and for R she has been a lot more excitable and needing more control of what B is doing.
  4. 🙂 We’ve been able to sit and eat lunch all together at the table each day (well, without the husband as he’s still been at work). We’ve been able to chat, B has seen us all eating the same meals and today we had a huge breakthrough – he ate a whole bowl of rice, chicken and carrots! He has always complained that he doesn’t like rice but today he realised there’s not a lot to it, and on a spoon with other hings he likes he’s been quite content to munch away at it.
  5. 🙂 We don’t have to worry about B refusing to get dressed. If he won’t clothe himself then he just stays in his bedroom until he realises he’s hungry. We have a rule in this house that unless you are properly poorly you must be dressed before coming downstairs. A grumbily tummy soon gets him moving!
  6. 🙂 The children have been able to play together when they’ve not been too tired from school to tolerate each other.
  7. 😦 The children have been able to play together when they’ve not been too tired from school to tolerate each other… this can get very loud! While I’m still not 100% after last week’s virus I don’t tolerate loud silliness very well.
  8. 🙂 B can have a nap in the afternoon to help him get over the virus without me worrying about picking R up from school. R is very good about playing quietly in her room if she knows someone else is trying to sleep, I think it gives her a very good excuse to get lost in yet another book.
  9. 🙂 I have time and energy to cook ‘real’ food for myself and the children at lunchtimes and healthy teas for them in the early evening as well. This is really good for all of us and is helping up the fruit and veg intake of each of us.
  10. 🙂 No school means no worries for R about noise and unpredictable other pupils and no worries for us about how suitable the work for her is both academically and accounting for her ASD and how she interprets the instructions she is given. This isn’t to say we’re not happy with the school, we don’t know another one in the area which would be better for her, just that school isn’t easy for her.

10 things I…. love to eat…

10 thingsThis is the start of an occasional series. 10 things with some common link. This time it’s my favourite foods, next time maybe my least favourite foods, movies I can watch repeatedly. It’s really quite open-ended.

So here goes, 10 things I love to eat:

  1. Chocolate! It almost goes without saying. I love most types of chocolate, though I’m less keen on dark chocolate. I’ve recently discovered Lindt Lindor Strawberry and Cream – they are gorgeous!
  2. Smoked salmon. Simply….yum! I’ve only once found a type of smoked salmon which I’ve not liked, it was smoked with juniper berries and had a taste I didn’t enjoy. I’ll eat it in so many ways, tarts, pasta, rice, toast, bread… in fact with almost anything!
  3. Cake! Especially chocolate or coffee cakes…. but not coffee cakes with walnuts, that’s just wrong!
  4. Cheese. I could sit and munch my way through rather a lot of cheese with a nice pile of biscuits or breadsticks. It has to be a nice hard cheese though, I don’t like things along the brie/stilton line, or goat’s cheese for that matter.
  5. Strawberries…mmmmm! Especially dipped in balsamic vinegar with a little bit of sugar
  6. Prawn cocktail Seabrook, my favourite crisps, very closely followed by sea salt and balsamic vinegar Kettle chips.
  7. M&S Caramel mini bites – basically marshmallow crispy cakes with chocolate 🙂 What’s not to like?
  8. McDonald’s Filet of fish. My guilty pleasure, I do like a McDonald’s, sadly the husband doesn’t so I don’t have one very often but they are very nice when I do!
  9. Mushrooms in any shape or form. ‘Slimy shrooms’, as my sister calls them, used to be among my most hated foods but when I hit my late teens I suddenly found I like them…a lot!
  10. Mayonnaise, especially Hellman’s. I eat a lot less of this than I used to (that may surprise some who have eaten with me recently!), but I could still happily eat this with almost anything savoury… yes, including a roast dinner!

It’s your turn now… what’s your favourite food?