Hello 2017

It’s a new year, and time for a new start.

I’ve started to realise how much I miss blogging when I don’t do it. It’s not the feedback from readers (I don’t think anyone reads most posts!) but the chance to track what I’ve been doing and just verbalise (is that even a word?) my thoughts.

2016 was a year of change; a new house in a new county (well, two houses! We moved into a rented property in March while we waited for the contracts to come through on the house we’ve now bought, we finally moved in in July), a new job for hubby and new school for the children, a new church to settle in to, a new day to day routine for me (no more 6 miles each way drive to school, a walk of less than half a mile instead!), the discovery of a lovely coffee shop, and the meeting of new, amazing friends.

I’m so glad that 2016 is over, despite the many positives. It was a hard year for the H family, we’re not great at change; especially hubby and R, they’ve really struggled. A good, restful Christmas break seems to have really helped them both, hopefully that positivity will continue as we return to our normal routine. There has been a lot of gadget time and gaming, but that’s a way for them to switch off from the world and decompress. Hubby and the children all like the same kinds of games so it’s been collaborative at times and individual at others.

So, what is 2017 going to bring for us? Well, hopefully more stability (depending on how R’s move up to secondary school goes!) and more family time, no moving (phew! I have said never again…), and for me, more creative time and time with God. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my mood and capacity to cope with all life throws at me when I’ve been able to be creative; whether that’s doing a quick drawing, papercrafting, colouring, sewing or something else. My word for 2017 is CREATE, and I hope to create a lot more. I have also noticed a big difference when I’ve been able to spend more time in God’s word (it should have been obvious really!) so I’m planning different ways to do that, I’ll go into more detail on that in a later post.

This is getting long, and after staying up to see the new year in with lovely friends last night I’m getting tired so I’m going to leave this here.

To anyone reading, I wish you a happy and peaceful 2017, full of love and joy.


Hello 2016!

Back in May I posted about my plans for the blog and generally being more creative… well, it didn’t really happen…

A back injury led to needing lots of rest and being unable to sit comfortably for stretches of time, I didn’t even manage to start my drawing workbook. This resulted in me needing  surgery in November. I’m still recovering from that, slowly getting more able to do things around the house though I still don’t know my limits and have very little stamina. Every day is a bit better and I am in so much less pain than I was before surgery. In addition to that, selling our house and finding another one to buy took a lot of time and effort 

I’m hoping that 2016 is the year for me. I plan to be more creative and more organised. I’m awaiting delivery of a notebook to use as a bullet journal which should help me with both of these aims. I plan to be healthier and fitter. I want (need!) to lose weight and I want to incorporate more exercise (pilates for my back and walking) into daily life.

I know that moving house will disrupt everything but I also know that the move is the best thing for our family in the long run.

I found this cartoon on Facebook and in think it’s a good reminder of what I should do through this year and beyond.


Long time no blog!

Hello again to anyone who may still be reading this. It’s been rather a long time since I posted anything. I stopped my photo365 project when I couldn’t stay on top of taking a photo to fit in with the prompt every day, which led to me leaving the blog alone for a long time.

I have come back with another project, however I don’t intend to put as much pressure on myself this time. I’ve always loved the idea of learning to draw but have never settled down to it, with packing the house up ready to put on the market in the next few months most of my crafty things have been put into storage, however I have kept out pens, pencils and sketchbooks with  the intention of starting now. I have bought myself a book and workbook (Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain – Betty Edwards) and I’m going to work my way through the lessons in there. I’m hoping to post my progress at least once a week (I did consider trying to complete and post a lesson a day, but that’s not sustainable), maybe up to three or four times but one as a minimum.

I’m also joining in with #sketch52 which is a weekly sketchbook challenge set up by Debbie at Qalballah.com. She has produced a list of 52 prompts to work through and set up a Facebook group and Flickr group for us to share our work. I’m loving seeing what others are doing and it’s definitely inspiring me to do more, though I don’t think mine are very good compared to the others – hopefully the lessons in the book I’m going to work through will help.wpid-wp-1431533927424.jpeg

As we’ve tidied the house ready to sell it, we’ve created a little crafting corner (or den, as the boychild calls it!) under the stairs for me. I love my cozy little corner. There isn’t a lot of natural light (which also goes for most of the house) but hubby has set us a good lamp for me which I can angle to whatever I’m doing when we don’t need it for extra light in the room. My bureau drawers are full of sketchbooks, colouring books, books about drawing, pens and pencils (as well as the cards and gift wrap that every mum seems to need a supply of!). It’s my space – no more sharing the dining table with the children/their meals/general family detritus. Here’s to making more time for creativity!

A brief hello!


I’ve had several blog posts running around my head in the last few weeks, but sadly my laptop decided to require intensive care from super-hubby… Hopefully I’ll be back properly later in the week, it’s a little hard to write more than a quick post on my phone.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of my little monkey enjoying a book with Mum’s partner.

Time flies…

It’s been a busy few weeks here in the monkey house. I’ve still been taking my photos but thanks to a combination of my husband going away for work, the usual winter viruses and me heading down another low meant that blogging went further down my list than it possibly should have done. I’m not saying I feel obliged to blog, but I do find even a quick post helps get my thoughts straight and helps me feel brighter.

Mr and Mrs

I will however update my Lego people poll, there was a tie for first place between Ed & Alice and Martha & Bob. I’m going to start another poll between those pairs of names and if there is still a tie next weekend I’ll ask one of the children to choose.