Musical Monday – Let it go (for my precious R)

I love this version of Let it go from Frozen. It has helped me understand a little more some of the difficulties my beautiful R faces every day.

She’s had a tough morning today. After being off school at the end of last week poorly she’s struggled to get herself moving again. She put herself back to bed several times before I explained that we’d have breakfast and if she was still feeling ‘poorly’ (my translation – sleepy and anxious about school) we’d decide what to do then. That did at least encourage her to get dressed and get her downstairs. She’s perked up a lot now, I’m hoping that she’ll go in to school without any difficulties now.


Musical Monday: “You are my Vision – Rend Collective”

I love this version of Be Thou My Vision. Before we had to take a break from worship leading at church we were considering trying to do this version one Sunday morning.
You are my Vision CAMPFIRE – Rend Collective:

Musical Monday: Let Your living water flow over my soul

In a previous blog incarnation I used to join others in posting a song or piece of music every Monday. I’ve no idea whether anyone else still does it, but I’m going to try to do it regularly and share songs which are special to me or have had an impact on me.

We sang this on Sunday in church. It’s a great song for me at the moment. I popped into the vestry to grab a song book and copied the lyrics into my diary so I can always have them near me. The words are some that I definitely need to pray at the moment.

Let Your living water flow over my soul
Let Your Holy Spirit come and take control
Of every situation that has troubled my mind
All my cares and burdens on to You I roll

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Father, Father, Father
Spirit, Spirit, Spirit

Come now, Holy Spirit, and take control
Hold me in Your loving arms and make me whole
Wipe away all doubt and fear and take my pride
Draw me to Your love and keep me by Your side

Give your life to Jesus, let Him fill your soul
Let Him take you in His arms and make you whole
As you give your life to Him He’ll set you free
You will live and reign with Him eternally.
John Watson