Photo 365 – 9 A Relationship 

My wedding and engagement rings from my wonderful husband 💑 💗 I can’t quite believe I’ve known and loved my man for over 12 years!


Photo 365 – 7 Good for me 


This may not be the most obvious photo for a ‘Good for me’ prompt, but this little space is definitely good for me. I can sit and write, draw, colour, read and more in peace. This is the place in the house that is mine. No one else uses my bureau. It might be in the family dining room, but it’s tucked away under the stairs and so seems slightly separate. It has definitely been good for me to have this space, it’s a lovely place to relax and to be creative.

Photo 365 – 6 Pushing Myself


This is my Garmin Vivofit 2, I’m using it to increase my exercise. I’m trying to hit my step target on it as often as possible, preferably at least 4 days a week. The garmin automatically changes my target based on the number of steps the previous day, it increases if I met my previous target and slightly decreases if I miss it. This is definitely something I’m using to push myself this year.

It also links into my profile on My Fitness Pal and can adjust my calorie goal based on how active I’ve been. I’m really pushing to lose weight this year (and keep it off this time!)

Photo 365 – 4 Need this


I have stuck these two sheets in the front of my Bullet Journal. They are reminders of things I need to do this year. I also need to be more organised which I am using my BuJo for. I’m not sure which I need more, the journal or the visible reminders in the front of it! I found nothing these images on Facebook over the past week and thought they were worth remembering.