Musical Monday – Let it go (for my precious R)

I love this version of Let it go from Frozen. It has helped me understand a little more some of the difficulties my beautiful R faces every day.

She’s had a tough morning today. After being off school at the end of last week poorly she’s struggled to get herself moving again. She put herself back to bed several times before I explained that we’d have breakfast and if she was still feeling ‘poorly’ (my translation – sleepy and anxious about school) we’d decide what to do then. That did at least encourage her to get dressed and get her downstairs. She’s perked up a lot now, I’m hoping that she’ll go in to school without any difficulties now.


10 thoughts about school holidays…

10 thingsAs we hit the middle weekend of the Easter holidays I thought I’d note down 10 thoughts about school holidays… both positive and negative!

  1. 🙂 No school runs! A fabulous break from driving 5 mile each way three times a day to drop off or collect the children from their schools. (a break for the pocket as well as 30 miles a day uses a lot of petrol!)
  2. 🙂 No structure so we can do as we please each day – whether it’s snuggling up on the sofa with a dvd, playing with scooters in the garden, colouring in, reading or building mammoth train tracks
  3. 😦 No structure so we can do as we please each day – yes, I did intend to write exactly the same statement as number 2… Having a child with an ASD means that the lack of a structure or routine can be upsetting, and for R she has been a lot more excitable and needing more control of what B is doing.
  4. 🙂 We’ve been able to sit and eat lunch all together at the table each day (well, without the husband as he’s still been at work). We’ve been able to chat, B has seen us all eating the same meals and today we had a huge breakthrough – he ate a whole bowl of rice, chicken and carrots! He has always complained that he doesn’t like rice but today he realised there’s not a lot to it, and on a spoon with other hings he likes he’s been quite content to munch away at it.
  5. 🙂 We don’t have to worry about B refusing to get dressed. If he won’t clothe himself then he just stays in his bedroom until he realises he’s hungry. We have a rule in this house that unless you are properly poorly you must be dressed before coming downstairs. A grumbily tummy soon gets him moving!
  6. 🙂 The children have been able to play together when they’ve not been too tired from school to tolerate each other.
  7. 😦 The children have been able to play together when they’ve not been too tired from school to tolerate each other… this can get very loud! While I’m still not 100% after last week’s virus I don’t tolerate loud silliness very well.
  8. 🙂 B can have a nap in the afternoon to help him get over the virus without me worrying about picking R up from school. R is very good about playing quietly in her room if she knows someone else is trying to sleep, I think it gives her a very good excuse to get lost in yet another book.
  9. 🙂 I have time and energy to cook ‘real’ food for myself and the children at lunchtimes and healthy teas for them in the early evening as well. This is really good for all of us and is helping up the fruit and veg intake of each of us.
  10. 🙂 No school means no worries for R about noise and unpredictable other pupils and no worries for us about how suitable the work for her is both academically and accounting for her ASD and how she interprets the instructions she is given. This isn’t to say we’re not happy with the school, we don’t know another one in the area which would be better for her, just that school isn’t easy for her.

Hello March!

What happened to winter?

I think it may have been playing the USA and Canada for far too long this year. We seem to have lurched from a wet and windy autumn to a wet and windy spring without seeing winter in between. I can count on one hand the number of times I have had to de-ice the car this year. However, I have lost count of the number of days the monkeygirl has been anxious about indoor playtime (Asperger’s and noise sensitivity) due to the rain! I have never known our little corner of Essex so wet! The local drains have failed miserably to cope with the volume of rain leading to huge puddles on some of the roads which take days to disappear and the town’s green spaces have been turned into muddy bogs.

I am sure the persistent greyness and dampness hasn’t helped my mood this year. I’m never normally affected by S.A.D. too much, I love a cool, crisp winter morning with the sparkly frost creating beautiful patterns on all sorts of surfaces, ok, so I hate de-icing the car as much as the next person but I’m not a fan of heat and humidity. This winter I’ve struggled to brighten up at times more than I would have anticipated even accounting for my present need for medication.

The summer is my least favourite season, I just don’t deal with heat well. I love spring; the colours, brightness and new life.


This year we have white snowdrops, purple croci, bright yellow daffodils, pale yellow primroses and pink hyacinths all flowering simultaneously in the churchyard. It is wonderful to walk through. In the monkeygirl’s opinion there is only one thing lacking so far… pink blossom! Thank goodness for a shrub close to school which seems to have little pink flowers all year! I cannot recall seeing all these different plants flowering at the same time before. It’s beautiful.


The wonderful (not!) cold that I’ve had all week resurrected itself today after almost going yesterday… I’m not impressed. I’ve sniffed my way through today…

Despite this, I have had a good, though tiring day. Church this morning was followed by a rush up to Cambridge to meet the lovely in-laws for lunch and a play in a playground for the children. It was fantastic to see them again and see how much our precious nephew has grown. The monkeyboy was a pain in the restaurant, unless he had food in front of him he was wandering/crawling under the table and generally being silly. Nothing I said seemed to make any difference whatsoever. Thankfully he was fantastic after a firm talking to when we left there and was a superstar at bedtime (maybe his sleep in the car on the way home helped that!). The monkeygirl, on the other hand, was great in Cambridge but whiney on the way home (traffic was stop start for a while, she doesn’t cope well with that) and downright obnoxious at bedtime. She did her bathroom things without trouble but refused to get into night clothes and lay on the landing shouting that she was too tired. I ended up having to change her myself, pick her up and put her into bed  and shut her door. She screamed and shouted for the next 10 minutes then calmed enough for me to go in a talk to her, she eventually admitted she’d not been good and it was her choice to be naughty and get some of her cuddlies confiscated, she’ll get them back on Wednesday. We count to 5 if we feel the need to threaten that, usually the children will be doing what we asked before we get to four, but not today. She just shouted. She was definitely a tired girl, I’m not sure whether anxieties about which teacher she’ll have tomorrow will have affected her today, she did tell me on Friday she didn’t want to go in unless her normal teacher was back. Hopefully she’ll feel better in the morning anfter a good night’s sleep.

Life is a rollercoaster…

It seems as though every good day is followed by a bad one at the moment.

My day didn’t start well, l had at least two very vivid, odd dreams last night which woke me up. Both of which l could remember most of the details of in the morning (usually I’m aware l dreamt but l don’t remember what about). l started the day tired and not wanting to get up. Once l got moving l discovered that l have an infection in my toe. Every step has been painful. It’s my own fault, I pulled a dry bit of skin which was digging into the next toe a few days ago.

The monkeygirl also had a huge meltdown this morning. She’s got a bit of a cold and that combined with uncertainty at school (her teacher has been off side since half term) left her unable to cope with the simple decision of what to have for breakfast. We were late for school, which didn’t help her, she needs to be early or at least prompt for things but she did accept she was the person who made us late.

Tiredness and the stressful start to the day just left me feeling kind of lost, that’s the best word l can come up with for how I’ve been today. It’s been hard to focus my mind on anything. The only thing I’ve wanted to do was sleep. l did manage to sort out the contents for the shoeboxes we’re putting together to send off for Operation Christmas Child ready to pack with the children tomorrow.

Hopefully a better night’s sleep tonight will leave me more motivated to do things tomorrow. I’m on top of the housework enough that missing a day doesn’t worry me too much, but missing two would not be good.