Photo 365: Pop of colour


Pop of colour by haniani on Flickr.

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Pop of colour

In theory the theme for the prompts this week follows through with the white from Sunday. Without being creative with a sheet at home I have no chance of coming up with a photo of a pop of colour against white, while musing on this while sitting in the car waiting to collect the children from school I glimpsed my bag out of the corner of my eye. It’s definitely a bright pop of colour against the grey interior of the car.


Photo 365: My gear


My gear by haniani on Flickr.

Today’s prompt made me think of the things I carry around with me. This is my lovely new bag (a Christmas present from my super mum). I always have a big bag with me, I can’t seem to condense my things much! This currently contains my wallet, diary, phone, Kindle, ear muffs for R (in case noises become overwhelming when we’re out), a letter confirming R’s diagnosis (in case we need to avoid a queue or challenge for R), a pouch with fruit and herbal teabags (I don’t drink tea or coffee any more), baby wipes (I have a 5 year old son!), tissues and a pouch containing lip balm, a mini moisturiser, antibac gel and girly bits. I’m pretty sure I’ve missed something there…but I’m not sure what!