365:11 In Good Hands

365-11 In Good Hands

This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of something being in good hands, however I’m trying to put my life more in God’s hands. This year I am trying to spend more time with Him and trust Him more.

To resolve, or not to resolve, that is the question….

It’s at this time of year that many people make New Years Resolutions, things they aim to achieve in the upcoming year.

I was thinking about this earlier and what I may do. I came to the conclusion that resolutions with a specific target (i.e. I will lose 14lbs by Easter) are destined to fail for me. If any thing distracts me or goes wrong then I can get very disillusioned and upset and abandon all hope.

Instead, this year I am going to have some aims for the year ahead; areas of my life I want to change but I’m not going to set myself deadlines or specific targets.

So here goes… by 31st December 2014 I would like to

  • be fitter – improve my stamina and fitness so I can keep with the monkeyfather and my precious little monkeys when we go on walks. Exercise and walking should help my depression as well.
  • eat more fruit and vegetables – I rarely eat 2 a day let alone the supposed 5 a day. It would do my health (and fitness!) the world of good if I could increase that.
  • eat less processed food – I currently rely on frozen meat/chips/pizza far to often to feed us all. I want to improve all of our diets by using my slow cooker more and planning meals better so I don’t just panic and rush to the freezer at 5:30pm.
  • learn how to use my new camera properly – my Christmas present from the wonderful monkeyfather was a lovely new camera, it’s more complicated than a simple point and shoot and I want to be able to use more of its functions to take better pictures of the amazing people and world around me. (warning this may involve me posting more photos here… I may try photo365 again!).
  • watch less TV – I rely on the TV to relax me and help me rest a lot. I’d like to replace that with reading and crafting more.
  • read and study my bible more – ok, so this should probably have been nearer the top of my list – I need to spend more time with God and His word as I know it can help me though what life throws at me.
  • have a tidier house – I’m a hoarder and clutterbug and as a result most surfaces in my house are covered with odds and ends. I’d like to be able to invite people round without being worried about that they may think and without feeling guilty. With a tidier house it should be easier for craft more as well which helps me relax.
  • use my sewing machine – I have a fabulous sewing machine (and thanks to my lovely mum a gorgeous sewing basket), but I don’t know how to do anything other than a very basic line on things. I’d love to be able to make clothes for myself and the children and things for the house.

That seems like quite a list, but in actual fact many of these support each other and different facets of day-to-day life. Nothing there is unachievable and the combination of them all (well, minus the camera and sewing machine) should help make my family and house happier.

I’ll try to update once a month or so on how I’m doing, but I’m not going to put extra pressure on myself by promising that I will.

Musical Monday: Let Your living water flow over my soul

In a previous blog incarnation I used to join others in posting a song or piece of music every Monday. I’ve no idea whether anyone else still does it, but I’m going to try to do it regularly and share songs which are special to me or have had an impact on me.

We sang this on Sunday in church. It’s a great song for me at the moment. I popped into the vestry to grab a song book and copied the lyrics into my diary so I can always have them near me. The words are some that I definitely need to pray at the moment.

Let Your living water flow over my soul
Let Your Holy Spirit come and take control
Of every situation that has troubled my mind
All my cares and burdens on to You I roll

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Father, Father, Father
Spirit, Spirit, Spirit

Come now, Holy Spirit, and take control
Hold me in Your loving arms and make me whole
Wipe away all doubt and fear and take my pride
Draw me to Your love and keep me by Your side

Give your life to Jesus, let Him fill your soul
Let Him take you in His arms and make you whole
As you give your life to Him He’ll set you free
You will live and reign with Him eternally.
John Watson

Closing doors

I wish I knew what God has planned for us. Every time we think he’s opening a door for us and we start exploring it the door slams shut in our faces. We are sure that God wants us to move; too many things about our current location just aren’t right in either the short, medium or long term. But where? And when?

The uncertainty of all of this is one of the issues affecting my depression, I am not brilliant with change, but I can cope if I know the details, but I know nothing…

If you pray, please ask God to guide us, we desperately need some clarity. My depression is affecting my physical health and not making things easy for the monkeyfather. He is very patient and tolerant when I’m struggling but I can see it’s hard for him to comprehend my difficulties. Thank you.

Parish weekend notes

This post is more for my own reference than anything else… I don’t want to forget what was said by one of the speakers on our parish weekend and I don’t have a good track record of keeping hold of the note books I use.

Seeking first the Kingdom of God

God’s first acts in creation
* Create us and the world
*Give us the world to look after

We have a choice – to trust God or not.

Trust God – He will look after us. Look for God first before looking for food or possessions.

God is our father – come to him in prayer as to a father.

Worship isn’t a one way channel, we need to allow God to speak to us as well as us speaking to Him.

Don’t concentrate on where the devil is moving, concentrate on what God wants and what He is doing.

1 – Seek first the King – ‘Our Father, who is in heaven’ (this is where I made my heaven/haven ‘mistake’)
2 – Seek first His reign – ‘Your kingdom come, Your will be done’ – Read NT Wright – Surprised by Hope
3 – Seek first His ways – ‘Lead us not into temptation’