365:2 Goals

365-2 GoalsThe prompt for this was supposed to make you think about your goals for completing photo365, however I’ve already written about that, so I’ve taken a photo of another one of my goals (or at least one stage of a goal).

This is my desk/bureau… at least somewhere under there is my bureau… I haven’t been able to use it properly for months. I want to get it cleared off, everything on it in it’s own place and  then have my own space for crafting once again. It initially got in this state when the monkeyfather left something in front of it which meant I couldn’t use it, as time went on more things got put there and while it was inaccessible I didn’t have the motivation to clear it.

With my depression at little more at bay (thanks to a change in my medication I’m feeling lighter and less weighed down than I have in years), I suddenly have the impetus to get the house in a better order. The dining table was cleared yesterday, while dinner is cooking I’m planning to attack the area around the printer, I will get this house looking organised (I nearly said tidy… but I do have two children!). Since we moved here almost 8 years ago there has always been at least one area (often many more) that is cluttered or piled up with things; I want this to change, I want to be proud of my house not ashamed.



My nose may have been dripping 90% of the time(sorry if that’s too much information…), but it has been a productive day – depending on your definition of productive…

The kitchen may be a bit of a tip (again!) but I’ve researched and booked a holiday for us and managed to put two children to bed without shouting (from anyone!). Hanging the washing out to dry was a challenge due to an inablity to breathe when bending over; but I still managed to finish it – I did need to lie down briefly afterwards though.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be breathing more easily as I’m chairing a meeting in the evening and that will be a challenge if I’m feeling rough.