Photo 365 – 9 A Relationship 

My wedding and engagement rings from my wonderful husband 💑 💗 I can’t quite believe I’ve known and loved my man for over 12 years!


365:6 Unique

365-6 Unique

I’m actually really disappointed with this picture. The prompt was Unique with an extra theme of macro. I don’t think I’ve managed the macro side of it very well and the orchid (the vein patterns of which ,I believe, are as unique as our fingerprints) isn’t as sharp as I’d have liked.

I’d originally intended to try and take a picture of my fingerprint, but by leaving it until after sunset I just couldn’t get reasonable lighting for it.

This orchid was a wonderful surprise from the monkeyfather. He went out to a local retail park on Thursday evening as we need to replace our TV table before too long. He didn’t find anything useful, but he came home with a pink tinsel Christmas tree for the monkeygirl (just £1 in the sale!) and his orchid for me. He’s not what most people would call romantic, it simply doesn’t cross his mind to be romantic and show me that he loves me – I think he just assumes I know he does – which I do! I think that’s the Aspie side of him coming across. Occasionally he does surprise me though. I do hope this orchid lasts longer than plants usually do in our house – I’m not exactly green fingered!