How is it the end of February?

This year is flying by. I can’t believe it’s the last week in February already!

February has been a write off. I didn’t manage to shake the virus off properly at the start of the month and it’s still making its presence felt having left me with breathlessness which requires an inhaler at times. Almost everything has fallen by the wayside in the last couple of weeks. It’s only this week that I’ve been able to stay on top of the basic housework without relying on the monkeyfather to help me, and that’s partly thanks to a wonderful, restful few days staying with my lovely mother.

I haven’t spent quality time with the monkeygranny since last summer, it was great to be back at home and able to switch off a bit. It was brilliant to see the wonderful relationship she has with my two monkeys as well.

My photography has fallen by the wayside this month. I took a lot of photos while I was up north, but on the whole it was just using the automatic settings and hoping for the best rather than trying to set anything up properly. I think I may have put too much pressure on myself at the start of the year with the photo365 challenge, I don’t think I realised quite how precariously my depression was balancing. I’m going to try to keep taking photos, but if I don’t take them, or I don’t post them on here then so be it.

In other notes, the poll for the names of my Lego couple closed with the decision that they are called Bob and Martha. I will try to include a photo of one of both of them once a week or so (but I’m not going to commit to anything).

I hope to be around more in the coming days but, again, no promises.


Time flies…

It’s been a busy few weeks here in the monkey house. I’ve still been taking my photos but thanks to a combination of my husband going away for work, the usual winter viruses and me heading down another low meant that blogging went further down my list than it possibly should have done. I’m not saying I feel obliged to blog, but I do find even a quick post helps get my thoughts straight and helps me feel brighter.

Mr and Mrs

I will however update my Lego people poll, there was a tie for first place between Ed & Alice and Martha & Bob. I’m going to start another poll between those pairs of names and if there is still a tie next weekend I’ll ask one of the children to choose.

Decisions, decisions…

I’ve not made a great start to posting two or three times a week… but to be fair to myself it’s not been the easiest of weeks.

I’m still battling the after effects of last weeks flu. I’m easily tired, and when l get too tired my IBS kicks off, which in turn makes me more tired. l was so tired this afternoon that I fell asleep on the monkeyboy’s bed at about 2 o’clock when trying to get him to nap. l didn’t wakeup until 3:30… I was due to pick the monkeygirl up from school at 3:15! The monkeyboy had crept out of the room and was merrily playing in the living room.  When  I arrived at school the monkeygirl was being entertained by her class teacher the head and the year 5 teacher. The staff were very good about it, maybe being a governor and hence being well known by the staff has its benefits!

The monkeyfather and l sat down this morning and made some decisions about the house and moving. We’re going to stay here for a bit longer and use an unexpected inheritance to do some improvements to make the house more saleable/ rentable.The monkeyfather’s office move won’t be happening for another year or more so there’s less of a rush to do anything.

That is definitely a bit of a weight off my mind. The uncertainty was really not helping my depression. I need stability and a clear path ahead rather than something else to worry about. I’m very grateful that we have sorted this before the Christmas break, we really need a proper rest then and not to worry about too many things.

Sleep makes things better

Well, that and a lot of rest!

Aside from a stinking headache this morning I’ve felt a lot better today. I’ve not been as sniffly or achey just easily tired. I was asked if I was ok by one of the school mums today as apparently I looked really tired and run down. I’m going to try to keep taking it fairly easy over the next week or so, hopefully that’ll help me stay a bit more positive as well as healthier.


OK, so I suspect this is gettiing a bit monotonous for those of you reading (it definitely is for me typing it!) but yet again I’m too tired to type much.

This cold has really wiped me out, I’ve barely been safe to drive today. I’ve had to contact the other leaders of the toddler group at church to say I won’t be there tomorrow. I hate letting people down but I need to preserve what energy I do have to make sure I can look after my monkeys properly.

Hopefully with doing a bit less tomorrow I’ll manage to write more.


My nose may have been dripping 90% of the time(sorry if that’s too much information…), but it has been a productive day – depending on your definition of productive…

The kitchen may be a bit of a tip (again!) but I’ve researched and booked a holiday for us and managed to put two children to bed without shouting (from anyone!). Hanging the washing out to dry was a challenge due to an inablity to breathe when bending over; but I still managed to finish it – I did need to lie down briefly afterwards though.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be breathing more easily as I’m chairing a meeting in the evening and that will be a challenge if I’m feeling rough.