Hello 2016!

Back in May I posted about my plans for the blog and generally being more creative… well, it didn’t really happen…

A back injury led to needing lots of rest and being unable to sit comfortably for stretches of time, I didn’t even manage to start my drawing workbook. This resulted in me needing  surgery in November. I’m still recovering from that, slowly getting more able to do things around the house though I still don’t know my limits and have very little stamina. Every day is a bit better and I am in so much less pain than I was before surgery. In addition to that, selling our house and finding another one to buy took a lot of time and effort 

I’m hoping that 2016 is the year for me. I plan to be more creative and more organised. I’m awaiting delivery of a notebook to use as a bullet journal which should help me with both of these aims. I plan to be healthier and fitter. I want (need!) to lose weight and I want to incorporate more exercise (pilates for my back and walking) into daily life.

I know that moving house will disrupt everything but I also know that the move is the best thing for our family in the long run.

I found this cartoon on Facebook and in think it’s a good reminder of what I should do through this year and beyond.



Photo 365: Be positive


Be positive by haniani on Flickr.

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Be positive

I’ve struggled with this prompt, but as I’ve sat on my bed this evening mulling it over I thought about just being positive. I have a very comfortable, warm bed which gives me a good chance of a decent night of sleep. I’m very fortunate, and very grateful.

Photo 365: Multifaceted


Multifaceted by haniani on Flickr.

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I like this prompt. Three of the faces of me – Wife, mother, Me! My rings from my lovely hubby, a little penguin that was a Christmas present in 2013 from one of the children and some of my nail varnishes (a little bit of sparkle/colour on my nails gives me such a boost!).

Photo 365: My gear


My gear by haniani on Flickr. https://flic.kr/p/qG8AJ9

Today’s prompt made me think of the things I carry around with me. This is my lovely new bag (a Christmas present from my super mum). I always have a big bag with me, I can’t seem to condense my things much! This currently contains my wallet, diary, phone, Kindle, ear muffs for R (in case noises become overwhelming when we’re out), a letter confirming R’s diagnosis (in case we need to avoid a queue or challenge for R), a pouch with fruit and herbal teabags (I don’t drink tea or coffee any more), baby wipes (I have a 5 year old son!), tissues and a pouch containing lip balm, a mini moisturiser, antibac gel and girly bits. I’m pretty sure I’ve missed something there…but I’m not sure what!

Photo 365: Where I Stand


This is where I stand this evening, in the middle of the living room, on a fairly clear bit of floor, wearing walking boots thanks to a slightly idiotic accident yesterday (I sat on my foot, didn’t realise I’d put it to sleep and collapsed in a heap on the floor when I tried to walk – no major damage just a slightly twisted ankle and my old knee injury not appreciating my change in gait).

Hopefully I’ll manage a non phone, better composed photo tomorrow.

Photo 365: Ensemble


Maybe not an obvious interpretation of the prompt, but today is the last day of the Christmas holidays and I’m not dressed for a photo… The week’s theme is me, but I can’t face a picture today.
Instead this little ensemble is now on our dining table. Partly to try and encourage me to snack on fruit, partly for the children to snack on as they both seem to have hollow legs and the moment and constantly want to eat.