Photo 365 – 4 Need this


I have stuck these two sheets in the front of my Bullet Journal. They are reminders of things I need to do this year. I also need to be more organised which I am using my BuJo for. I’m not sure which I need more, the journal or the visible reminders in the front of it! I found nothing these images on Facebook over the past week and thought they were worth remembering.


Photo 365: Be positive


Be positive by haniani on Flickr.

Just follow this link to see and comment on this photo:
Be positive

I’ve struggled with this prompt, but as I’ve sat on my bed this evening mulling it over I thought about just being positive. I have a very comfortable, warm bed which gives me a good chance of a decent night of sleep. I’m very fortunate, and very grateful.

Photo 365: Where I Stand


This is where I stand this evening, in the middle of the living room, on a fairly clear bit of floor, wearing walking boots thanks to a slightly idiotic accident yesterday (I sat on my foot, didn’t realise I’d put it to sleep and collapsed in a heap on the floor when I tried to walk – no major damage just a slightly twisted ankle and my old knee injury not appreciating my change in gait).

Hopefully I’ll manage a non phone, better composed photo tomorrow.