A new me – part 2!

tom_Bathroom_scaleWhile my Fitbit has helped me to think more about my activity, my food consumption hasn’t been at the forefront of my mind lately… with predictable consequences. I need to take control of my eating properly.

Calorie counting through My Fitness Pal did help me lose weight, but the constant counting didn’t help me cook ‘real’ food and I found myself relying on processed foods that could be easily tracked. I need to change my whole relationship with food, and feed myself and the rest of the family good, healthy meals. Simple calorie counting wasn’t helping me achieve that (though it did make clear the basic concept of calories in needing to be lower than calories out!).

I used to go to a Slimming World group but I’ve never found it easy to talk at the group times and the concept of doing that at the moment is horrible. The accountability and support could be great, but if I’d had a bad week for whatever reason I found it too easy to switch off and then not stay to the discussion part of group. My emotions and mood can be so variable at the moment that I don’t want to commit to a group when it may make things more difficult for me emotionally.

I’ve read about the Whole30 plan on several other blogs and looked into that but I decided I need something with a little more flexibility and some accountability.

Since the group approach doesn’t seem like the right option for me at the moment¬† started to look into online plans. I looked at Slimming World first since I know the plan can work for me, but it’s expensive (near enough ¬£20 a month!), and lacks a good tracking app. After browsing a few others I landed on Weight Watchers. I followed this plan back in my teaching days, and again after the girlchild was born. It worked well for me then, though it has changed a lot since, I’m hoping it will work well this time. It looks fairly simple to follow, will help me control portions as well as limit my dependence on processed foods. It will also connect to my Fitbit account so I can clearly link my activity levels and food intake.

My wonderful husband is being amazingly supportive (as usual!) and is going to try to help me keep on track. I’ve downloaded the app to my phone and already begun exploring the website and the various challenges in the community area. I’m going to weigh myself regularly (but no more than once a week) and take some basic body measurements monthly to see the difference this is making. I’m probably going to ask my husband to take some photos of me wearing simple leggings and a t-shirt regularly as another way of seeing the changes I’m hoping to make. I’ll post some on here once I’ve got a picture that shows some progress…

Saturday 1 November – a new beginning – again…